Extra Dry Wheat “Brut IPA” Review

Painting the entire second floor of my house really takes time away from brewing. That being said, some notes on the results of my experiment with glucoamylase.

I hit about 5.7% ABV by starting out at 1.050 OG and finishing at 1.006 FG. Not entirely spectacular results with the glucocamylase, but it still finished very dry, no perceptible sweetness, especially when contrasted with all of the hop matter. Dry hopping with 2 oz. Cascade and 1 oz Lemondrop really added to the grapefruit and lemon rind quality, and the Mosaic and Loral were present even through fermentation. If I had to guess the IBU contribution from 100% whirlpool hops, I’d say its about 15-20 IBU. Next time I’d shoot for 30 or so.


As far as unfavorable results, there may be an issue with the level of oxidation by using such old white wheat malt. Oxidation really took its toll on hop aromas as well as the color. I was really scared when this came out as partially gray when racking from the fermenter, but the color has since improved in the keg, with the gray color probably coming from the yeast. I also wonder if the glucoamylase contributed to the color, but with only one batch under my belt with this enzyme, I cannot really say how much it contributed.

The dryness is pleasant. No fullness in my belly after drinking 2 or 3 pints. No wheaty finish or any malt flavors really at all, not sure if I should change up the water profile or just buy some fresh malt. It was really past its prime at over 1.5 years old. Will continue to experiment with this enzyme but will probably use half as much in future batches with this. In the future, I plan on using raw wheat to see if it is the key to get a nice wheat finish.

As far as the head, it is rather remarkable which is expected with 100% wheat malt. Rocky, white, and persistent, it really adds a level of texture. Score: 5/7.

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