About Tony

Hi, I’m Tony. I have been homebrewing since 2012. Since then, I’ve brewed over 80 beers, become President of a homebew club, and won a handful of competition awards. From time to time I obsess over some aspect of homebrewing beer. I also want to advance my knowledge of data analysis and data science. This blog is the intersection of these interests. Hopefully, I can learn something along the way.

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I am by nature immensely curious, and by all accounts want to see everyone get along and enjoy themselves except where it is fleetingly and safely entertaining. Although I have many other hobbies and fascinations, all posts will fall under the paradigm of beer- a tasty alcoholic beverage that for all accounts is second to none other than water (well except during the black plague).

Factoids About Me:

  1. I live in Loudoun County, Virginia- a place where there seems to be a craft brewery opening up every 6 months. Definitely an abundance of craft beer drinkers and homebrewers. Not a bad place to be.
  2. I am a President of a club called HOWL (Homebrewers of Western Loudoun). I ran on a purely fascist platform. My tyranny seems to be well received.
  3. Everything I’ve done in the homebrewing world is directly a result of my wife, who graciously taught me after taking a few classes. I have since received a handful of awards in competitions. Once I won a small competition by a total of 0.5 of a point (awarded by total points). My wife came in 2nd place. Surprisingly, I did not have to sleep on the couch that night.